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Maneesha Panchakam - Part 2 out of 8

మనీషా పంచకమ్

Dear Friends and Relatives,

Last week we started the new topic "Maneesha Panchakam" by Sri Adi Sankaracharya. We have seen the introduction and the first slokam. This week I am presenting the second and third slokams with word meaning and substance. Also, the video narration is appended just as in the previous post. Please go through them and write back your views.

Just to recall from where we left, I give here the substance of the first slokam which we have seen in the previous post: "Once, a great holy man is on a stroll in the famous, heavenly place –the Varanaasi. During his walk after his ritualistic, sacred and purified bath he came juxtaposed to two people – a man and his consort walking opposite to him almost bumping into his way. The strange couple were none other than The LORD SIVA and PARVATHI."

The next slokam is as follows

అన్త్య వేషధరం దృష్ట్వా గచ్ఛ గచ్ఛేతి చాబ్రవీత్,

శంకరశ్యోపి చండాలః తమ్ పునః ప్రాహ శంకరమ్

Antya vaeshadharam drushtwaa gachcha gachchaeti cha abraveet

Sankarah so api chandaalah tam punah praaha Sankaram

अंत्य वेषधरम् दृष्ट्वा गच्छ गच्छेति चा ब्रवीत्

शंकरस्योपि चंडालः तम् पुनः प्राह शंकरम्

The word meaning is as follows
Drustwa = On seeing
Vaesha dharam = the couple in the attire of
Antya = a downtrodden family,
Abraveet = uttered (the learned man)
Gachcha = Get away.. You….
Cha = also ….(scornfully)
Gachchaeti = Get away.. etc.,
Sankarah so api = Even though he is Lord Siva
Chandaalah = in the disguise of a downtrodden man
Tam = to that learned man
Sankaram = The Lord Sankara
Punah praaha = In reply said as follows….

The purport
The couple is in the disguise of a lowly placed and unkempt downtrodden family. This learned and holy man, though theoretically very well versed in the Atma Jnaana, not recognizing the true nature of the persons coming into him, uttered the words, you…. Go away, Go away, Go aloof - in some form of scorn and hatred. Then, Parama Siva in the chandaala roopam replied to the learned man as follows…

The next slokam is as follows

అన్నమాయాదన్నమయమ్ అథవా చైతన్యమేవ చైతన్యాత్

యతివర దూరీ కర్తుం వాంఛసి కిమ్ బ్రూహి గచ్ఛ గచ్ఛేతి ?

Annamaayaad annamayam athavaa chaitanyam yaeva chaitanyaat

yativara dooree kartum vaanchasi kim broohi gachcha gachchaeti ?

अन्नमयाद् अन्नमयम् अथवा चैतन्यमेव चैतन्यात्

यतिवर दूरीकर्तुम् वांछसि किम् ब्रूहि गच्छ गच्छेति

The word meaning is as follows
Yati vara = O! Best among the learned!
Broohi = You shout (scornfully) to
Gachcha = Get away
Gachchaeti = Get away etc….
Kim = Whom (out of hatred)
Vaanchasi = You strongly desire to
Dooree kartum = keep at a distance, keep aloof ?
Annamayaad = Is it my body made from food, it is
Annamayam = same as yours nourished by food
Atha vaa = if not, perhaps if it is
Chaitanyam = the inner sentient energy in me
Yaeva = it is also the
Chaitanyaat = same as your inner sentient energy

The purport
Lord Parama Siva spoke as follows: Oh ! The perfect man of Self realization - Sir, I wish to know, whom are you addressing to get away from your esteemed presence out of hatred ? Do you mean the physical body of us – it’s one and the same for all!! Or, perhaps, if you mean the internal cosmic energy within us, it’s all the more same in all! .....

The dialogue continues in the next verses. Let us see them in our next post. You may view the video by clicking the 'play' button in the player below and waiting until the video is buffered to your computer.

See you next week and bye till then,


Dr Sarma

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