Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Beware of the The Notorious Six

Dear Friends, Greetings to you all, 

Last three weeks we have seen posts on how man can stoop down and how he/she can ascend to greater happiness dependending on one's own attachments and the desires based on the slokams by Sri Veda Vyasa Bhagavan and Jagad Guru Sri Adi Sankaracharya. Similar expressions and echo of these concepts are seen here in the poetry of Sri Pothanamathya. Sri Pothana (surname Bammera) (శ్రీ బమ్మెర పోతనామాత్య) is easily the most famous household name among all Telugu poets. His master creation, Andhra Maha Bhaagavathamu (ఆంధ్ర మహా భాగవతము) is the Telugu rendition of the ever revered scripture in Sanskit - the Bhaagavatha Puranam by Sage Veda Vyasa. Sri Pothana's poetry is very easy to understand and is in Dhraakshaa Paakam (ద్రాక్షా పాకము). The context here is - The young devotee Prahlaada is advising his father, the demon king Hiranya Kashipa on how best one can attain peace, happiness and be devoid of any enemies.

లోకములన్నియున్ గడియలోన జయించినవాడవింద్రియా

నీకము చిత్తమున్ గెలువనేరవు నిన్ను నిబద్ధుజేయు నీ

భీకర శత్రులార్వుర ప్రభిన్నుల జేసిన ప్రాణికోటిలో

నీకు విరోధి లేడొకడు నేర్పున జూడుము దా(మా)నవేశ్వరా!

लोकमुलन्नियुन् गडियलोन जयिन्चिनवाडवु इन्द्रिया 

नीकमु चित्तमुन् गेलुवनेरवु निन्नु निबद्धुजेयु नी 

भीकर शत्रुलार्वुर प्रभिन्नुल जेसिन प्राणिकोटिलो
नीकु विरोधि लेडोकडु नेर्पुन जूडुमु दा(मा)नवेश्वरा!

lokamulanniyun gadiyalona jayinchinavaadavu indhriyaa

neekamu chiththamun geluvanaeravu ninnu nibadhdhujaeyu nee

bheekara sathrulaarvura prabhinnula jaesina praanikotilo

neeku virodhi laedokadu naerpuna joodumu dhaa(maa)navaeshwaraa!

Bhaava or Purport

The Child Prodigy, Prahlaada says here to his father, “O! The emperor of demons, you have stupendously conquered all the three worlds (the three Bhoo, Bhuvar, Suvar lokams) within an ultra short time. (What a great and mighty achievement!). But, you have miserably failed to conquer the group of six indriyas (five sense organs + the mind). Beware of the SIX internal enemies in all of us (the Kaama, Krodha, Lobha, Moha, Mada and Maathsraya). Remember, verily these SIX are notorious, deadly, and immensely powerful and are the mighty chains that bind you mercilessly and take you as their slave. Annihilate them, if you can! Then, for sure, there will be no foe unconquered by you in this whole universe. Please, be wise enough to perceive this truth” This is a clarion call to all of us to try and conquer these internal enemies in us. (You may see our previous post, 'The Kaama and its notorious power' dated 02 Nov 08 for details of these SIX internal enemies). 

That is all for now, Bye till next week,


Dr Sarma