Friday, June 19, 2009

Maneesha Panchakam - Part 5 of 8

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My greetings to you all. We have seen the first of the Five Jewels of Maneesha Panchakam in our previous post of Part 4 of 8. Now, we will see the second of these 5 important slokas. These are recited extempore by the learned man in reply to Lord Shiva.

The Second Slokam is as follows

బ్రహ్మైవాహమిదం జగచ్చ సకలం చిన్మాత్ర విస్తారితం

సర్వం చైతదవిద్యయా త్రిగుణయా శేషం మయా కల్పితమ్,

ఇత్థం యస్య దృఢామతిః సుఖతరే నిత్యే పరే నిర్మలే

చండాలోస్తు స తు ద్విజోస్తు గురురిత్యేషా మనీషా మమ.

Brahmaivaaham idam jagachcha sakalam chinmaatra vistaaritam
sarwam chaitadavidyayaa trigunayaa saesham mayaa kalpitam,
iththam yasya dridha matih sukhatarae nityae parae nirmalae
chandaalostu satu dwijostu gurur ityaeshaa maneeshaa mama.

ब्रह्मैवाहमिदं जगच्च सकलं चिन्मात्रविस्तारितं

सर्वं चैतदविद्यया त्रिगुणयाशेषं मया कल्पितम्

इत्थं यस्य दृढा मतिः सुखतरे नित्ये परे निर्मले

चण्डालोस्तु स तु द्विजोस्तु गुरुरित्येषा मनीषा मम

The Word Meaning

Brahmaiva = The Brahman indeed is
Aham = the inner Self or “I”
idam jagat cha = in this very universe too,
sakalam = in every thing
chinmaatra = the subtle conscious form
vistharitam = is perfectly unfolding itself.
sarwam chaithath = All this sentient world
avidyayaa = borne of nescience
thrigunayaa = by the inter play of the three gunas (attributes)
sesham = remains as (apparently seen to be divided but it infact)
kalipitam = imagined
mayaa = by me (to be diverse).
yasya = Who so ever, he may be
dhruda matih = that person of firm conviction
iththam = who understands that the subtle Brahman
nityae = resides permanently as the
parae = the Supreme
nirmale = uncontaminated (taint less)
sukhatarae = extreme Bliss.
asthu = May be he is
chandaalo = a down trodden (outcaste)
sa tu = in the same way
asthu dwijo = may be he is a learned (brahmin).
maneesha mama = My firm understanding is that
yaesha = the Great one who inculcates this concept
Gurur iti = is the real preceptor.

The Purport or Bhava

I am none other than a part and parcel of the Brahman (The Absolute). I am dwelling on the pure and infinite Brahman and I am the very Brahman. This universe is glittering with infinite glow by the power of the chaitanya or unlimited sentient energy of the Absolute. Apparently the universe is assumed (by us) to consist of diverse and different things, due to (our) ignorance (avidya or nescience) borne out of the three gunas (Sattva, Rajas and Tamas). He who firmly believes with perfect understanding of this unity in diversity, for me, he is the adorable great Master, irrespective of whether he is a Brahmin or an outcaste. This is my perfect understanding.

Please view the short video narration given below.

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Dr Sarma