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GURWASTAKAM – Part 2 of 8

Dear Friends,

In the last week's post we have seen the introduction and the first slokam of the Gurwastakam. Now we shall go through the second slokam of this Gurwastakam.

Slokam 2

కళత్రం ధనం పుత్ర పౌత్రాది సర్వం

గృహం బాంధవాః సర్వమేతద్ధి జాతం |

గురోరంఘ్రి పద్మే మనశ్చేన్నలగ్నమ్

తతః కిమ్ తతః కిమ్ తతః కిమ్ తతః కిమ్ ||

कलत्रं धनं पुत्र पौत्रादि सर्वं

गृहं बान्धवाः सर्वं येतद्धि जातं

गुरोरंघ्रि पद्मे मनश्चेन्न लग्नम्

ततःकिं ततःकिं ततःकिं ततःकिं

kalhatram dhanam putra poutraadi sarwam

griham baandhavaah sarwam yaetaddhi jaatam |

Guror anghri padmae manaschaen na lagnam

tatah kim tatah kim tatah kim tatah kim ||

Word to word meaning

Kalhatram = Amicable Spouse/Wife

Dhanam = All the wealth required

Putra Poutra = Sons and grandsons (children)

Aadi Sarvam = All progeny (santhanam) etc.,

Griham = Pleasant Home

Baandhawaah = Very affectionate kith and kin

Sarvam = every associated happiness

Yae tat hi = on their own (without any effort)

Jaatam = Granted to us - unasked for, unless

Guror = Belonging to the Guruji (Almighty)

Anghri = Under surface of the feet

Padmae = Lotus like (very prosperous/gentle)

Manah = of heart and soul

Yaen = Whosoever

Na = does not

Lagnam = Fix his attention

Tatah = Plural of Tat (that) means Those

Kim = Are of what avail or significance!

Tatah= Plural of Tat (that) means - those

Kim =Are of what avail or significance!!

Tatah = Plural of Tat (that) means Those

Kim = Are of what avail or significance!!!

The purport or Bhaava

Of what avail even if we are blessed with (all the eight forms of Lakshmi)

  • Most amicable better-half (Griha Lakshmi)
  • All the wealth beyond our needs (Dhana Lakshmi)
  • Children and grand children – (Santhana Lakshmi)
  • Pleasant home and fertile fields (Dhanya Lakshmi) etc.

What all we ever need is readily granted to us without any special effort of us (born with a golden spoon in the mouth in all aspects). OK, unless we treat our fellow man as equal to us in all respects and follow the values inculcated and path trod by the Guru, what is the use in the above attributes?

This concludes the second slokam of Gurwastakam. We shall see the third one in our next post.

Please view the short video clip of the second slokam by clicking the player below.

Till then best wishes to you all.

Dr Sarma

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