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Maneesha Panchakam - The five gems

मनीषा पञ्चकं

जाग्रत्स्वप्न सुषुत्पिषु स्फुटतरा या संविदुज्जृम्भते
या ब्रह्मादि पिपीलिकान्त तनुषु प्रोता जगत्साक्षिणी,
सैवाहं न च दृश्य वस्त्विति दृढ प्रज्ञापि यस्यास्तिचे
च्चण्डालोस्तु स तु द्विजोस्तु गुरुरित्येषा मनीषा मम ||

ब्रह्मैवाहमिदम् जगच्छ सकलं चिन्मात्र विस्तारितम्

सर्वं चैतदविद्यया त्रिगुणया सेषम् मया कल्पितं,

इथ्थं यस्य दृध मतिस्सुखतरे नित्ये परे निर्मलेः

च्चण्डालोस्तु स तु द्विजोस्तु गुरुरित्येषा मनीषा मम ||

शश्वन्नश्वरमेव विश्वमखिलं निश्चित्य वाचागुरोरः

नित्यं ब्रह्म निरन्तरं विमृशता निर्व्याज शान्तात्मना,

भूतं भावि च दुष्कृतं प्रदहता संविन्मये पावके

प्रारब्धाय समर्पितं स्ववपुरित्येषा मनीषा मम ॥

या तिर्यङ्नरदेवताभिरहमित्यन्तः स्फुटा गृह्यते

यद्भासा हृदयाक्षदेहविषया भान्ति स्वतो चेतनाः,

ताम् भास्यैः पिहितार्कमण्डलनिभां स्फूर्तिं सदा भावय

न्योगी निर्वृतमानसो हि गुरुरित्येषा मनीषा मम ||

यत्सौख्याम्बुधि लेशलेशत इमे शक्रादयो निर्वृता

यच्चित्ते नितरां प्रशान्तकलने लब्ध्वा मुनिर्निर्वृतः

यस्मिन्नित्य सुखाम्बुधौ गलितधीर्ब्रह्मैव न ब्रह्मविद्

यः कश्चित्स सुरेन्द्रवन्दितपदो नूनं मनीषा मम ॥

Purport of the five gems of Maneesha Panchakam

  1. Oh! Let's learn that the indwelling (pratyag) atman is distinctly shining with in all the three states; namely the wakeful, the dreaming and the deep sleep states. It is the invisible thread embedded in us and it is the witness with in all from the Creator up to the tiny ant. It is not a cognizable object in spite of any amount of material intelligence. It is very much the same in one and all irrespective of any caste, creed or kind! The great one who inculcates this concept is the real preceptor. This is my perfect conviction.
  2. I am none other than a part and parcel of the Brahman (The Absolute). I am dwelling on the pure and infinite Brahman and that I am the very Brahman. This universe is glittering with infinite glow by the power of the chaitanya or unlimited sentient energy of the Absolute. Apparently the universe is assumed (by us) to consist of diverse and different things, due to (our) ignorance (avidya or nescience) borne out of the three gunas (Sattva, Rajas and Tamas). He who firmly believes with perfect understanding of this Unity in diversity, for me, he is the adorable great Master, irrespective of whether he is a Brahmin or an outcaste. This is my perfect conviction.
  3. This entire universe, apparently continuing, is perishable and impermanent as per the decisive proclamation of the Lord. The Brahman, indeed, is permanent, everlasting and is undifferentiated and peerless, if one analyzed carefully with an untainted, unaffected, peaceful and tranquil intelligence. The differences in our physical bodies are the products of imprints of all our previous sinful/good deeds, pertaining to the past, present and future. The one who perfectly reduces these imprints to ashes in the flaming fire of knowledge is the best informed. This is my perfect conviction.
  4. The Self or pure consciousness is experienced clearly within by all animals, human beings and the gods alike as the 'I'. It is by the reflection of this pure consciousness that the mind, sense organs and the body which are insentient, appear to be sentient. External objects are perceived only because of this. This Self is, however, concealed by this very mind, senses and body which are illuminated by it, just as the Sun is concealed by the clouds. A person of perfect realization and wisdom due to his complete and clear understanding ever meditates in his mind on this supreme consciousness. Such a person is the real preceptor. This is my perfect conviction.
  5. The Self (Brahman) is the eternal ocean of Supreme Bliss. A minute fraction of this Bliss Supreme is adequate to satisfy the Indra and other celestials. Only by meditating with a perfectly calm mind on this Bliss Supreme, and not by any other special means, the sages experience adequate fulfillment. Whose intellect is ever unified with the eternal ocean of this Bliss Supreme, he is not a mere knower of the Brahman, but he is the Brahman itself. Such a person, whosoever he may be, and no matter at all, his feet are worthy to be worshipped by the Indra and all other gods. Certainly and emphatically, this is my perfect conviction.

The Epilogue

दासस्तेहं देहदृष्ट्यास्मि शंभो

जातस्तेशो जीवदृष्ट्या त्रिदृष्टे

सर्वस्यात्मन् अत्मदृट्या त्वमेव

त्वेवं मे धीर्निश्चिता सर्वशास्त्रैः ॥

O! Lord, the three eyed one (who is the all knower of the past, present and future)! In the form of this physical equipment, the body, I am the servant of You and thus of all. In the form of the life principle with in me, I am the part and parcel of You and thus of all. In the form the soul, You are within me and similarly in every other being or animal or thing that I behold. I have arrived at this conclusion after thorough reflection in my intellect - illuminated by all the sacred texts.

This concludes the sacred teaching Maneesha Panchakam by Jagad Guru Sri Adi Sankarachaya

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